Sunday, June 20, 2010

music again

Listening to some music again
The song is always the same
Reminds me of talking to you many years
About nothing
But the words have a meaning
A connection
and I think of you again...
Hate Lady Gaga lol
She is a real front page artist
Love ya


well we have been around for a few years\
and you are always cool
so I am thinking about you in my dreams
think you might be an angel
Flying around my head
Like a dream come true

a frog

If I were a frog
In a land where nobody sleeps
I would hold onto you
I would squezze you tight
When the music started to play
I would want you to dance
In step with the song
When I awoke and you were a Princess
I would ask you
Do you laugh at God when the world is turning
No-one laughs at God when the world is changing
Just listening to a song ahhh
miss you


Not the same listening to music without you


Told my friend from L A about you this weekend.
He is into music
I think you would like him..
Have known him a long time .
We always go hear music..
Miss ya Joe