Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday, June 20, 2010

music again

Listening to some music again
The song is always the same
Reminds me of talking to you many years
About nothing
But the words have a meaning
A connection
and I think of you again...
Hate Lady Gaga lol
She is a real front page artist
Love ya


well we have been around for a few years\
and you are always cool
so I am thinking about you in my dreams
think you might be an angel
Flying around my head
Like a dream come true

a frog

If I were a frog
In a land where nobody sleeps
I would hold onto you
I would squezze you tight
When the music started to play
I would want you to dance
In step with the song
When I awoke and you were a Princess
I would ask you
Do you laugh at God when the world is turning
No-one laughs at God when the world is changing
Just listening to a song ahhh
miss you


Not the same listening to music without you


Told my friend from L A about you this weekend.
He is into music
I think you would like him..
Have known him a long time .
We always go hear music..
Miss ya Joe

Monday, June 1, 2009

on and on...

When the moon rises
And the song works
Will I still be there
Will the music work
Or will it end
Or is it just a dream
Dream of the imagined
But the music goes on
And on