Sunday, December 14, 2008


I Promise
I will always have feelings for you
I may be running on the beach
And I will think of you
I may be drumming a beat
And the beat turns to you
And when the music plays on forever...

tip of your tongue

Thought about you
But you weren't there
Read some of your lyrics
But the music was just not right
So I walked away into another world
It was ripe with rythyms
It was filled with the past
Like a long lost lover
Dying to sing one last song
The one on the tip of your tongue..

must be love...

If I met you today,
Would you remember me,
If we never met,
Would we still know the way;
We might walk away
But Last night she said
I feel so down
I feel left out.
No me I will never understand
Oh why oh why I don't know
must be love

a distant soul...

When I was young I ran thru the woods
The branches chased me
The spirits ran wild
The ghosts were fun
Showing their souls
In a spiritual walk
Sometimes the real people appeared
And they told me
Be prepared.
For the next time
The music played loud
And chanted to the heavens
All in tune
When I awoke
I saw a cloud
It was her
The girl I knew from the past
But she was a faint memory
A distant soul
When we were one..
We moved together
Then the storm came..
damnn I miss you

when the time is right...

When the music is right
And the sounds just flow
I imagine meeting you
It may be tonight or tomorrow
I am not sure
In the dreams of tomorrow I have known you
Drifting thru time
Wondering if you are real