Monday, June 1, 2009

on and on...

When the moon rises
And the song works
Will I still be there
Will the music work
Or will it end
Or is it just a dream
Dream of the imagined
But the music goes on
And on

I think about you...

When I'm down and out I think about you
When I'm leaving town I think
About why
I start to think about you
But I'm not sayin goodbye
Like Edie
Who makes me happy like a little child
But I start to think about you
And when the evening comes again
I'll be there waiting
For that devil in The Sky

the glow is dimming...

well I'm here hanging out
and you aren't
watching the baseball game
and I bet you are
rolling around in the cold cold sand
of a far away beach
listening to some hip hop
and staring into space
and wishing you lived in NYC
and wondering if the Allman Brothers really had 2 drummers
and wondering if that shooting star is real?
and then you realize
that the star is real
but the glow is dimming
like a dull hue
but could it be?
could it be the real star?
which will pick me up and take me away?
or is it just that old moon
with half of a face
smirking down again

over the stars

She stepped up to the mike
And sung her heart out
And the bass was just right
And the drummer played like three
The guitar slid just right
And the harp played twelve notes
The keyboard player was sweating
Then it happenned
That slow slow song kept playing
And the music turned to gold
And she was rich
And the audience clapped
Until the moon jumped over the stars

Heaven and Earth

Is there a Heaven
Or is it just a hell
But sometimes
It just seems all wrong
But then the sun shines again
And life jumps back to its fullest
And the music is just right
I need to jump


When you are high emotions are strong
When you are listening to my songs
Emotion is good
Rest assurred that I love you
And I'm not saying goodbye
And da da da
To my Mom

riding a star...

If You were
riding on a star
would you look down?
If you were
flying in a plane would
you look up?
You just might miss the
Day .
But if
You were painting the best picture
would you look at all??
If you were taking the best
Picture I would want to see!!!
just a figment of my imagination
later Joe

and someday...

Someday, if the time was right
Would you notice me
Would you care
Or would you just walk away
The music may be right
The drummers may be cool
And the guitar just rocks
But that bass just is not right
So we learn a new song
And it sounds like punk
And all of a sudden the minds meet
And I know who you are again


someday will you stay for awhile
it doesn't matter if its today
we could play all day
someday will you listen to my songs
it doesn't matter if its tomorrow
we could listen all day
to be continued...

where are you tonight?

Where are you tonight
in a land unknown
or just having fun
listening to that same old song
writing to your hearts content
never thinking about the end
the end of that verse
that just won't come
you know the one
on the tip of your tongue
the one which will make you famous.
The music slowed down
and she stood up
she was in a different place
face to face
staring out at my breakfast
and she said
it's all so unbelievable

been on...

been on a plane,
but there was no pilot,
been on a train,
but I got lost.
so I took a ride on a bike
thru the woods.
Found this mermaid swimming in the lake.
and she said follow me.
and heaven appeared thru the trees.
when i awoke,
I saw the light.
the bright glow of an angel.
and I knew it was her.

writings of wicked

got home , sat down and listened;
listened to the writings of wicked
she sounded mad she sounded sad she sounded cool
she's gonna be a star !!!
she wrote these songs about life
exploring the ecstasies
wondering about fantasies
seeing little strangers in her mirror
but all you need from life is what you want
and when your feeling all wrong from the back of your mind again
just remember
that I know you for the next ten thousand days

I bet you are

I bet you are
I bet you are
Listening to that song
Which gets inside your head
It drives you crazy
But it makes you smile
I bet you are
You know the one
It plays over and over again
The drummer is cool
And the music rocks
I bet you are
But something is missing
A lost lover
A lost friend
But the music goes on
And the music is good
So she waits and waits
For that one chance
I bet you are
So she waits for that one song
Which may never come
But now he is a star
And his mind won't come her way
I bet you are
Dreaming about what if
I bet you are
I bet you are


I walked out in the fallin rain
to find you
but i've done some things all wrong
and all I heard was
the fallin rain